Partnering With Us


Electric Nights Festivals works with a wide variety of venues to customize inspirational shows that will impress and thrill your guests.  We have no limit to the themes possible for your show!  From story books to dinosaurs, from tropical jungle themes to under-the-sea, we can work with your organization to deliver a unique and outstanding event that will immerse guests in an unforgettable fantasy (and have them talking about your venue for years to come).  We integrate ancient methodologies and craftsmanship with modern technologies and special effects to bring our beautiful, larger-than-life shows to the next level.

Partnering With Us

There are two primary models for working with venues: 

  1. Zero Investment Model: Electric Nights Festivals assumes all the costs associated with the festival, and retains all festival revenues.  Electric Nights Festivals pays an agreed-upon rent to the venue. 
  2. Shared Risk Model:  Electric Nights Festivals and the host venue share costs and revenues.

With partners, we work together to create a magical evening experience for your existing audience. Working with your marketing and operations teams, we develop a site specific show that creates an interesting and engaging Electric Nights Festival that will speak to your core brand and audience.  Our teams work with yours to have minimal disruption of your ongoing operations, and our shows have no lasting impact on infrastructure.

Our fully managed solutions options work best for non-tourism sites that benefit from having our team professionally manage all aspects of the marketing, operations and development of the show, working with your venue to create an exciting form of entertainment for your community. 

If you have a site that you feel would be an ideal location for one of Electric Nights’ Festivals, we would love to discuss the opportunities for your site with you.