What We Do


Electric Nights works with hosting locations across North America to build awe-inspiring lantern installations that result in a truly unique, cultural and artistic experience for all involved.  Our festivals are customized to each venue’s operational goals, with compelling local stories and focuses on key components of our work.

Highly skilled artisans hand-construct these spectacular visual displays by using traditional materials such as silk, porcelain and glass which are then illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights, creating a breathtaking and “electric” experience for audiences, young and old alike! 

What We Do

We offer two solutions to venues, a partnership for traditional tourism venues that are looking to create an evening entertainment opportunity for guests during a two-three month period of their season; and a fully managed solution for non-tourism venues that creates complimentary, non-competing revenue to run alongside your core business.

Electric Nights Festivals excels in complete project management including installation and production to ensure compliance with all local, regional and national standards wherever we go. We manage a large team of international artisans that build our show right on your grounds. Additionally, we work with your team every step of the way using our vast collection of marketing images to help your new operation come out of the gates strong.

Typically amusement parks, zoos, botanical gardens and others create excellent partnership opportunities, and golf courses, racetracks, skiing and hiking facilities, wineries and other large outdoor spaces are great for fully managed solutions.  

We provide a turn key event, designed, engineered and installed to local safety standards and regulations.

Electric Nights Festivals is unique in that we are a full service entertainment event producer.  From helping partners develop winning and exciting concepts and story-lines, producing and managing every element of production, marketing and on-site support, to making sure we cross every “ t” and dot every “i’ when it comes to local health and safety standards and regulations, there is nobody in the industry with an all-encompassing, impeccable track record comparable to Electric Nights.

Producing a Lantern Festival

  • Site Visit/Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Marketing Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Health and Safety



The site design process begins with a visit to a potential festival location entailing a walk-about of the grounds and an analysis of any available infrastructure to determine what gaps exist and how they can be managed to produce a successful show.  Once it is determined that a site is suitable for a show, a detailed map and site plan are developed to begin the process and enable all those involved to visualize the outcome.


All elements of the project are taken into careful consideration and meticulously planned to ensure a flawless production.  These critical elements include staff recruitment and training, protective equipment, work timelines, power generation, fire plans and escape routes, evacuation plans, portable toilets, installation plans and all required equipment.Electric Nights Festivals leaves nothing to questions when it comes to project coordination and management, meaning that venue owners can breathe easy knowing that their production is being fully managed by experts in the industry.


When it comes to inspiring people to attend our shows, we know that developing compelling and exciting storylines combined with stunning and memorable visual experiences is what truly drives success.  Electric Nights Festivals has an unparalleled track record in developing and growing large audiences for our shows across Europe, North and South America in a wide range of venue types.


A critical part of producing a successful lantern festival is ensuring that on-site support is always available in case any issues need to be addressed.  Electric Nights Festivals makes sure that everything goes smoothly and as expected by providing:

  • Dedicated on-site manager for both installation and dismantling
  • Dedicated project-liaison between the lantern festival team and local venue
  • Experienced team members to help troubleshoot any issues as they arise

It is important to us that our venue partners can rest assured that there is round the clock support for all issues that could potentially arise over the duration of the production.


Every consideration is taken into account when it comes to meeting health and safety regulations specific to each individual event.  Before we begin installation, Electric Nights become meticulously familiar with local health and safety standards, which can vary across regions and countries.

We know that compliance with regulatory requirements is among the most critical aspects of being successful with a large scale event, and as such we take every step necessary to ensure each unique location’s requirements are understood clearly by the entire team and met without question.